iTracking new version coming soon

Starting from 1 February 2018 the current version of iTracking will no longer be supported by the developer. The same has already been removed from the respective stores and no further updates will be available at the moment.

For some time together with a new development team we are working on a new version of iTracking that will revolutionize everything you have been accustomed in these years, a new version completely rewritten from scratch with many new features.
At the moment we do not have an exact date for the release of the new version, but the same should be available later this summer (although we are working to bring it well in advance of the scheduled date). If you have already purchased the application in the past, do not worry, you will be able to upgrade for free as an update to the current version.

I therefore ask you to wait a little longer, any reports of non-functioning couriers, will be taken in charge but we do not guarantee to be able to correct the problem in standard time, we are working hard on the new version from the app to which we will give absolute priority.

iTracking turns 8 this year and it's time to revolutionize everything.

If you want to be notified when the new application is released, enter your e-mail address below.

See you soon,
iTracking Team.

P.S. We promise never to send you spam to your email address.
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